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Tours and chauffeur service in Moscow






10.10.2016 Moscow Tours

"Wir waren 1 Wochen im Moskau. Es war ein toller Aufenthalt. Mit Privilege Auto haben erst per E-Mail Kontakt aufgenommen, die E-Mails wurden sehr schnell beantwortet. Danach haben wir eine Abholung vom Flughafen und 2 Stadtführungen gebucht. Es war einfache SUPER!!! Alles professionell geregelt immer pünktlich uns hilfsbereit. Ich würde die Firma immer wieder buchen und allen empfehlen." 

22.07.2016 Golden Ring Tour

"We enjoyed company of Igor and travel arrangement he did for us. He was very helpful and knoledgeable. Arrangment was very good"

25.02.2016 Chauffeur service  

"Ich bin äußerst zufrieden, alles lief wie am Schnürchen. Super Service und fairer Preis, was will man mehr...
Vielen lieben Dank und beim nächsten Mal gerne wieder!"

23.02.2016 Chauffeur service

"Privilege Auto is very well organized service, always punctual and efficient and always at the service of customer.
I often travel in Russia for work and I always call them because they are always available and very kind!!!" 


Tours and chauffeur service in Moscow - Russian version

Sochi tours

Sochi Tours

Sochi tours

Coat of arms of SochiSochi is a resort capital of Russia located on the Black sea coast. Sochi was founded in 1838. Sochi is the longest city in Russia. Sochi - the capital of the XXII winter Olympic games in 2014. 40 km from Sochi airport is the mountain village of Krasnaya Polyana is a modern and a popular winter and summer mountain resort of international level. In Krasnaya Polyana was located in the mountain cluster of the XXII winter Olympic and XI Paralympic games, where competitions were held on all Olympic events on snow and snow-ice slopes, housed sports delegation and the entire infrastructure, providing carrying out of competitions. Our company will organize for You an exciting and interesting excursions in Sochi. To know the city better and get to know its beauty will help You with Sochi sightseeing tour, but if You want to watch sports venues of the Winter Olympics, we take a tour of the Olympic Sochi. You can book individual tours in Sochi and our professional guides will gladly take You through the most beautiful and picturesque places.

 * Sochi tours are conducted in English, German, Russian.

Sochi Tours1. Sochi sightseeing tour by carBook now

(4 hours) 

Sochi sightseeing tour is a fascinating tour through the city of Sochi, which will acquaint you with the structure, history, architecture of the resort. We will be able to start it in the Central or the Adler district, drive along the scenic, stroll along the quays, squares, to see the monuments of history and architecture, a grandiose and original buildings of the present, to enjoy the sea breeze, subtropical climate and evergreen plants.

Sochi Tours. Olimpic ParkSochi Tours. Olimpic Park2. Olympic Park (4 hours)Book now


The Olympic games have passed, but the memory and all built to this Grand event objects remained. While walking through the Olympic park you will be able to appreciate the beauty of engineering, the challenge before the city objectives and the quality of its performance. Learn interesting details about the Olympic objects, their construction and those unforgettable weeks while Sochi has become the center of the world. Take a look on the Grand Prix circuit, encircle the Olympic venues and in the summer here the cleanest beach offers close to new football stadium in 2018.

Sochi Tours. Krasnaya PolyanaSochi Tours. Krasnaya Polyana3. Krasnaya Polyana (6 hours)Book now                     

Krasnaya Polyana is a unique village of Big Sochi at a height of over 500 meters above sea level. It is situated on the banks of the rivers of the resort and is surrounded by high and picturesque mountains. Here is the Olympic mountain cluster to the ski slopes and the Mountain Olympic village Sochi. You will learn the history, the sights of the village and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

 Sochi Tours. Akhun MountSochi Tours. Akhun Mount4. Akhun Mount (4.5 hours)  Book now                                 

The best way to see almost all the Big Sochi immediately is to visit mount Akhun, to climb the lookout tower and... to enjoy the beautiful panorama. In fine clear weather, you can cover the view of the city from Uch-Dere to Pitsunda (Abkhazia), to see the eternally snow-capped high peaks of the Western part of the Main Caucasian ridge and try to consider the coast of Turkey, across the Black sea.

Sochi Tours. Dendrarium or ArboretumSochi Tours. Dendrarium or Arboretum

5. Dendrarium or ArboretumBook now

(2.5 hours) 

The arboretum is a green treasure of Russian subtropics. Fans of exotic flora can visit this Botanical garden, which contains a rare collection of plants from all continents of the world – about 2000 species and forms. Under the Sochi sun and they found a second home and feels like home. The fragrance of cypress trees and cedars, magnolias, eucalyptus, exotic beauty of palm trees and other plants make for unforgettable walks. And the guide will tell you the amazing story of the Creator's love Park, and through which appeared this Paradise with a gazebo of love and giving Hope.

6. Sightseeing city tour +Book now

Stalin,s dacha (4.5 hours)                                                          



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